L’AFAM has launched the 3 first workshops in the camp of Kabarto 1


After the second trip of our teams to Erbil and Duhok from 30/07 to 8/08, the first three workshops have been set up in prefabricated premises that were made available to us:
– Preparation for the profession of health professional (body health problems and dental health problems screening). This training will be provided with the help of Yezidi students in 4th year medical and under the responsibility of two Yezidis Doctors who live in the camp.
The first group of trainees consists of 8 people with Baccalaureate/ A Level or first years of university.
A first assessment of the training program will take place by the end of 2016
– Sewing: 8 professional sewing machines were purchased and offered by AFAM to start learning and development workshops led by former professional tailors from Chengal, today refugees in the camp. The aim is to launch a line of clothing but also made to order requests.
– Computers: Computer tools and beamers were purchased and made available so that classes start promptly. They will also be animated by professionals among the displaced living in the camp.
AFAM will organize French language course, as asked by students and stakeholders of the actions taken. AFAM also plans to integrate the teaching of French in the schools opened in the camp. A speaker from “Chretiens d’Orient” will follow this intervention. The program is being prepared.
The next workshops are planned:
– Carpentry: a plot of 600 sqm is made available to our ONG by in the camp for this activity.
We plan to provide the necessary materials and prefabricated fireproof rigid panels for mounting the walls.
– Carpet factory. We asked to do an internal study for the purchase of suitable equipment, so we can place the order and equip the workshop.
Planned workshops will be set up in consultation with camp officials, they will meet the needs and allow to create jobs. The speakers are almost entirely recruited from among the displaced

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