International Children’s day in Duhok


By Romane H.

On June 1st 2017, in the camp of Sharya, the International Children’s Day took place. This event was organized thanks to the collaboration of several actors who contributed to its organization: the l’AFAM local team in Duhok, the Barzani NGO team, the Mission East NGO and the Institute Shengal Youth.

250 children were present and were able to take part in various cultural activities such as theater, music, singing or painting workshops. These activities are organized by l’AFAM in the camp. Indeed, for several months now, our NGO has set up various workshops, run by l’AFAM employees recruited in the camps, so that children have access to these cultural activities.

Our young talents were able to participate in a contest, the children designated winners were awarded prizes by the NGOs l’AFAM and Barzani.


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