The Yazidis their culture, their traditions, their fight

On March 8th  2019, the NGO l’AFAM organized a day of discovery of Yezidi culture including a show performed by 14 Yazidi children, travelling especially from Kurdistan to Paris (video link to the show This show, organized around the theme of sharing cultures and living together in peace, highlighted the values of resilience of this community and the will to overcome the terrible suffering caused by the atrocities of ISIS including Art and Culture.

The Cultural Center project in Duhok

With this in mind, we are launching the creation of a Cultural Center near the Sharyia (Duhok) camp, which will provide a platform for launching artistic initiatives that allow both the development of economic and cultural opportunities as well as a bridge between the different local communities to promote peace and a willingness of ‘living together’.

This center is articulated around:

  • An on-site team supervised by the Director of the Duhok Region Cultural Center and stage director of the show of the Yazidis orphan group who performed the show on March 8th , 2019
  • Premises already made available to l’AFAM NGO by the local authorities
  • An artistic, cultural and meditative program oriented towards the promotion of culture as a bulwark against barbarism and a vector of peace
  • A possible partnership with artistic centers in France.


Amounts raised under this initiative will allow the purchase of equipment and material for the participants, the organization of events on site, the remuneration of the facilitators (recruited from the refugees of Shariya camp in Duhok) as well as travel expenses related to the presentation of shows.

AFAM is a fully volunteer NGO with no structural costs, the members of our office pay with their own funds for their travel expenses and our premises are made available by the local authorities. Your donations are therefore fully used for the implementation of actions. NGO recognized as a recognized organization of general interest which is of a humanitarian nature, your donations can be entitled to a tax credit. A tax receipt can be sent to you on request to benefit from it.

Help us continue to give hope and help these brave women and orphans rebuild their lives and rebuild their Society to create a future for themselves.

You can participate to the crowdfunding through the following link: CLICK HERE TO HELP FUNDING THE CULTURAL CENTER



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