Sharya football and Volleyball Teams

by Romane H. Football tournament The rehabilitation of young people living in the camps is one of the priorities of our NGO. As a vehicle for social cohesion, respect and tolerance, while being a source of pleasure and relaxation, sport is an appropriate means of action. With this in mind,

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l’AFAM activities ongoing in Sharya camp

l’AFAM NGO school in Sharya camp   The Hygienist group of l’AFAM continues the health mapping of the Sharya camp and provides hygiene and health advice to the refugees The AFAM NGO sewing workshop is moving to permanent shelter. The workshop is preparing an ethnic line of clothes for sale

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l’AFAM’s new mobile health unit

In support of the AFAM hygienist group, we have proudly commissioned a mobile health unit in the Sharya camp. This ambulance will be staying in the Sharya camp and available for transport of people in need to the medical facilities of Duhok. Our team continues the health mapping. They will continue

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L’AFAM helps refugees in Shinjar (Shingal)

L’AFAM NGO and the Department of Migration and Displaced People have brought, in partnership, humanitarian aid including 200 portable kerosen heating units to 50 families in Shinjar The representative of l’AFAM NGO, the doctor supervising the Yezidis medecine students hired by l’AFAM NGO in the camps of SHARIA and KAPRATOU

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The sewing workshop organized by L’AFAM is well busy preparing the Duhok Fashion show which will take place in December 2016. L’AFAM and Babylon Media are joining efforts to allow a group of workers, from the camp of Kapratou to create a series of dresses. All the dresses are made

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AFAM, an NGO helping women in Iraqi Kurdistan

By Sinatou Saka Source:   One of the most extreme cases of violence against women in recent years has been the treatment of jihadists in the Islamic State group against Yezidi women and girls in Iraqi Kurdistan. A French NGO helps them to restore hope. When the city of

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Association Culture Libre

Mrs Shirin Azadpour President of AFAM Action Pour les Femmes et l’Aide aux Minorités From Erbil to Duhok Presentation of the training workshops and creation of economic activities in support to refugees and displaced people victim of ISIS Thursday – The 29th sept. 2016 Welcoming : 18h30/ Start 19h00/ End

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