During their attack in Iraqi Kurdistan in August 2014, the ISIS terrorist group destroyed entire villages, killed minorities and kidnapped thousands of women, men and children.

Thousands of women are still in the hands of the ISIS terrorists, as well as thousands of children, now brought up by this terrorist group, who are subjected to physical and sexual violence and recruitment to join the ranks of the terrorist army or become human bombs in attacks.

Affected by this humanitarian disaster, we have elaborated a project to accompany the women survivors of these massacres to rebuild themselves, to go forward and rebuild their society. Action for Women and Support to Minorities (AFAM) was created in 2015 to help these women and children who are victims of a conflict that is not theirs and whose life has fell in chaos overnight.

After years of waiting and inactivity in the tents, spending their days thinking about the horrors suffered, these women, who had suffered the worst nightmares, with extraordinary and exemplary courage, ask for help to rebuild themselves and be able to rework. They want to be able to go home.