Another tragedy for Yazidi refugees in Shariya

incendie sharya

A few days ago, the Shariya camp in Dohuk, in the Kurdistan region, which contains a large number of displaced Yazidi Kurds, was destroyed by a fire which devastated more than 600 tents and left thousands of people, displaced once again. destitute.

The explosion of gas cylinders and diesel cans led to an inferno ravaging across the camp, overpowering firefighters and civil fire protection teams and causing many temporary structures throughout the camp to collapse on the heads of their inhabitants.

Once again, the proud and respectable Yazidi Kurds are exposed to a catastrophe that destroyed innocent lives and added a new wave of pain, hardship, misery and ruin to a community that has already suffered so much.

No one knows when this community will reach the last of this of suffering and finally be given the opportunity to fully rebuild and begin to recover from the genocide that has taken away so much.

L’AFAM will seek to help these victims again and will stand by their side until they can finally return to a painless and normal situation, finally to rebuild a future for themselves.

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