President, Shirin Azadpour

  • PhD in Educational Science, ex Director of a training center and a network of centers for social integration of unemployed youth (in charge for the coordination of international cooperation and implementation and follow-up of Projects)

Treasurer, Jean Pierre Irurzun

  • Dental Surgeon , founder of schools and libraries for children in Madagascar (in charge of contact and coordination of Projects and partners in the fields of health)

Secretary, Zainab Jemo

  • Chief Engineer and Project Manager with GDF-SUEZ (In charge of relations with Companies sponsorship and Yezidi associations in France and Europe)

International Coordinator, Victoria Heslop

  • Archeologist and writer (In charge of international projects coordination and sponsorship in the USA and Europe) based in Vienna

Communication Coordinator, Gérard Bouquin-Destal

  • Coach and communication consultant


Technical Advisors, Michaël Bouchez, Adamante Donsimoni, Philippe Farschi, Hélène Landré, François Meusnier-Delaye