L’AFAM is recognised as a humanitarian organisation in France and donations to L’AFAM are tax deductible for French tax duties as detailed in articles 200, 238bis of the tax code CGI

L’ AFAM helps refugees in Shariyah to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Article from Rudaw Media on the l’AFAM event of 8th March




Our NGO – non-profit oriented, non political and non religious- intends to mobilize resources for actions of solidarity with the victims of persecution and violence in the Middle East.

Often women, who are the first victims of these persecutions, may hold themselves the keys to solutions. However, we must train them and accompany them so that they regain their dignity and become actors in the local development in their society.

Our actions include:

  • Create a “Village of Hope”: Living place near the city of Duhok, on land provided by the government, which receives women who have been abducted by Daesh and the orphans resulting of the mass massacres that have taken place, and offer them an environment to rebuild themselves
  • Create training workshops, for people living in refugee camps, in health and various economic sectors, allowing development of a local activity and economy
  • Establish actions and support projects to prepare women to take their future in their own hands and improve the quality of life in their community
  • Develop a partnership between governmental and nongovernmental agencies working in the field and find synergies to optimize resources and improve their interventions with innovative and additional specific actions
  • Establish monitoring and information tools to allow sponsors, funders and governance bodies visibility on the results of actions undertaken

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