The women we meet everyday tell us, “It’s not our war, we had a house, a family a job, we did not ask for anything. They came to destroy our houses, kill our families and torture us. Now help us, free our prisoners and help us do something. We want to work. “. We promised to help them.

Our actions are directed exclusively to the needs expressed by the victims and not by anticipation or interpretation of what is thought to be their needs. What we have seen are people who have suffered but do not want to look back and feel sorry for the lost life. We have seen women who want to look ahead, rebuild themselves, improve things, prepare the future for themselves and for future generations. We were surprised by the will to move forward, despite the tremendous violence and horror. Their message and our goal and are clear: turn your back on yesterday, face today and look towards tomorrow!

L’AFAM is a 1901 law not for profit organisation, registered in Paris. Our organisation has been recognized as an official NGO by the Regional Government of Kurdistan

L’AFAM is recognised as a humanitarian organisation in France and donations to L’AFAM are tax deductible for French tax duties as detailed in articles 200 and 238bis of the tax code CGI

  • For individuals revenue tax: 66% of the amounts donated, in the limit of 20% of the taxable revenue, can be deducted
  • For Corporations: 60% of the amounts donated, in the limit of 0.5% of the annual turnover, can be deducted

Help us to help them