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    Another tragedy for Yazidi refugees in Shariya

    A few days ago, the Shariya camp in Dohuk in the Kurdistan region, which contains a large number of displaced Yazidi Kurds, was destroyed by a fire which devastated more than 600 tents and left thousands of displaced again. destitute. The explosion of gas cylinders and diesel cans made the fire

  • L’AFAM resilience support restarts in Sharyah Camp

    L’AFAM continue ses activités du chemin de résilience destiné aux enfants en besoin du camp de Sharyah Le chemin de résilience est un ensemble d’activités extra-scolaires destinées à aider les jeunes refugies dans leur retour à des interactions sociales, à un retour à la scolarisation et à la formation  

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    L’ AFAM helps refugees in Shariyah to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

      To fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, in support of the refugees in Shariyah camp, the AFAM sewing workshop is making protective masks which are distributed in the camp. 400 masks have already been produced to date. AFAM continues its support activities, by donating, you can support our