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    Another tragedy for Yazidi refugees in Shariya

    A few days ago, the Shariya camp in Dohuk in the Kurdistan region, which contains a large number of displaced Yazidi Kurds, was destroyed by a fire which devastated more than 600 tents and left thousands of displaced again. destitute. The explosion of gas cylinders and diesel cans made the fire

  • L’AFAM resilience support restarts in Sharyah Camp

    L’AFAM continue ses activités du chemin de résilience destiné aux enfants en besoin du camp de Sharyah Le chemin de résilience est un ensemble d’activités extra-scolaires destinées à aider les jeunes refugies dans leur retour à des interactions sociales, à un retour à la scolarisation et à la formation  

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    L’ AFAM helps refugees in Shariyah to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

      To fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, in support of the refugees in Shariyah camp, the AFAM sewing workshop is making protective masks which are distributed in the camp. 400 masks have already been produced to date. AFAM continues its support activities, by donating, you can support our

  • First 14 orphans sponsored through the l’AFAM back to school Program

    The first 14 orphans have been sponsorsed through l’AFAM’s sponsorship program, allowing orphan refugees to return to school and granting them the tools to build their future. You can contribute to the program through donating to l’AFAM through the link below. 150 euros is enough to cover the cost of  school supplies

  • Fashion Show in Duhok!

    The sewing workshop organized by AFAM is in full preparation for the Duhok Fashion show which will take place in December 2016. AFAM and Babylon Media are joining forces to allow a group of women from the Kapratou camp to create dresses that will be worn by models living in

  • L’AFAM opens a kindergarten/ nursery school in Sharia camp

    The echo of the message of support from Senator Bruno Retailleau, Chairman of the Liaison Group for Reflection and Solidarity with Christians and Minorities in the Middle East, as well as Senator Jacky Deromedi Secretary of this Group gives momentum to l’AFAM projects. Thanks to the financial support from Senator

  • Senate Press Conference of the 17 of November

    Recordings of the press conference organised by L’AFAM NGO in association with Innocence en Danger and with the support of the representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on November 17, 2016 at the Luxembourg Palace. Under the patronage of Bruno Retailleau, Senator, President of the liaison, reflection and solidarity group with Christians

  • L’AFAM sets up the first 3 workshops in the Kapartou 1 camp

    Following the second trip of our teams to Erbil and Duhok from 07/30 to 08/8, the first three workshops were able to be set up in prefabricated rooms adapted to these training courses which were made available to us: – Preparation for training for the profession of Hygienist (screening of

  • Presentation of the project: Creation of the Living Space

    This involves the creation of a safe “living space” intended for victims of ISIS. The goal is to settle Yezidis and Eastern Christian women with orphans victims of the same violence. More precisely, the action currently underway is to rehabilitate 100 women freed from the hands of ISIS, who would be

  • From Erbil to Duhok

    Exhibition of our trip to Iraqi Kurdistan from Erbil to Duhok, from March 9 to 23 at the Town Hall of the 7th arrondissement. Sponsored by Madame Rachida DATI, Former Minister, European Deputy, Mayor of the 7th arrondissement With the support of Dara ABOBAKER, Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government.