• ASSOCIATION CULTURE LIBRE (Free Cultural Association) – Conference

    With the participation of the L’AFAM NGO Ms. Shirin Azadpour Doctor of Educational Sciences President of the Association- Action for Women and Assistance to Minorities Travel from Erbil to Duhok and situation of the displaced Mr Mamo Jemo writer: Who are the Yezidis and Yezidi’s historical connection to Zoroastrian Ms.

  • Memorandum of Cooperation between l’AFAM and the KRG

    Preamble We, the signatories of this memorandum of cooperation, agree, in a spirit of mutual respect, to work in support of women and minorities, victim of conflicts in the region. This shall be achieved, through close cooperation between the NGO L’AFAM and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Responsibilities of L’AFAM