L’AFAM sets up the first 3 workshops in the Kapartou 1 camp


Following the second trip of our teams to Erbil and Duhok from 07/30 to 08/8, the first three workshops were able to be set up in prefabricated rooms adapted to these training courses which were made available to us:
– Preparation for training for the profession of Hygienist (screening of bodily and oral health problems). With the help of Yezidis students in their 4th medical year and under the responsibility of two Yezidis doctors, one of whom lives in the camp, these training courses will be continued.
The first group of trainees is made up of 8 people with a baccalaureate or first years of university.
A first assessment will take place by the end of 2016
– Sewing: 8 simple and professional sewing machines were purchased to launch learning and improvement workshops led by professional tailors from Chengal who are now refugees in the camp. The objective is to launch a specific clothing line but also to manufacture to order.
– IT: IT tools and the overhead projector have been purchased and made available so that classes can begin as quickly as possible. They will also be led by professionals from the camp’s displaced people.
AFAM will supervise the learning of French requested by students and those involved in the actions implemented. AFAM also plans to integrate the learning of French into the lessons of schools opened in the camp. An Eastern Christian speaker will provide this intervention. The program is currently being prepared.
The next planned workshops are:
– Carpentry: a plot of land of 600 m2 is offered inside the camp for its construction.
We plan to provide the necessary materials as well as the rigid prefabricated fire-resistant panels for the assembly of the walls.
– Carpet factory. We have asked to carry out an internal study for the purchase of suitable equipment, so we can order it in order to set up and equip this workshop.
The planned workshops will be set up in consultation with camp managers, they meet needs and will create jobs. The speakers are almost entirely recruited from among the displaced.

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